No Way Home Proved That Marvel’s Darkest Characters Are Suitable for MCU Comedy


“Spider-Man: There’s No Way Home” showed how Marvel’s dark characters can adapt to the humor of the MCU with the help of Matt Murdock’s cameo. The movie “No Way Home” tells about the multiverse adventure of Spider-Man directly from the finale of the movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home”, where Peter Parker (Tom Holland) reveals his secret identity of J. Jonah Jameson from the Daily Bugle (J. K. Simmons). This sees him turn to Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, for help.

Fortunately, Murdoch (Charlie Cox) is able to drop the charges against Peter, but the public attitude towards Spider-Man remains harsh, as someone throws a brick through the window of Peter and Aunt May’s apartment (Marisa Tomei). Matt catches a brick, commenting “I’m a really good lawyer” to an astonished Peter wondering how he managed to catch it. Of course, Matt’s super sense in the role of Daredevil allowed him to detect an approaching brick, but Matt’s comment is also a dry joke that shows something important for his future in the MCU and for Marvel characters with a darker edge.

While the reception of “Thor: Love and Thunder” shows that the MCU’s humor goes beyond, Matt’s sly comment about his brick catch shows that he can adapt to the MCU’s humorous inclinations with his own jokes. It also bodes well for similar Marvel characters in future MCU debuts. Since one of the most well-known core elements of the MCU is the franchise’s penchant for comedy, they will need funds to adapt. Murdoch’s brief cameo shows that they are more than capable of making adjustments.

Even the darkest MCU films Prove that comedy will not Disappear

Then Charlie Cox will continue to work in the MCU in the Disney+ series “Echo”, and with other equally dark Marvel characters such as Blade and Wolverine associated with the MCU, their integration will be a balancing act. KVM is not going to give up comedy, which was his commodity and commodity, but he also can’t try to make the Wolverine version more like Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy. Fortunately, as Daredevil continues to stay in the MCU, the look of No Way Home shows how Marvel characters with darker inclinations can adapt to being introduced to the MCU.

Matt’s remark after he caught the brick is pretty much a joke, but sardonic, which is in keeping with who he was set to be, as in the streaming shows “Daredevil” and “The Defenders.” Characters like Matt joining the MCU can easily tell jokes like him with a slight tonal gap with their sense of humor. This approach to comedy can even put characters like Daredevil into their own humorous classification in the MCU, telling slightly deadpan jokes with a sardonic grin.

Comedy is embedded in the DNA of the MCU, and Daredevil and other Marvel characters with a similar atmosphere can tell jokes in the way that suits them best. A man without fear is not a man without a sense of humor, as shown by the appearance of Matt Murdock in the movie “Spider-Man: There is no way home.” How Deadpool’s wacky, very adult humor integrates into the MCU will become a much bigger mystery of the franchise to be solved. However, at this point, it’s clear that Marvel’s darker characters can easily make the transition.


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