No Paint 3D or 3D Viewer installed on Windows 10


Microsoft has announced that it will remove Paint 3D and 3D Viewer from new versions of Windows 10, starting with the new preview of the operating system. The programs were pre-installed on the OS, but the company decided to end the requirement for apps because of low usage rates.

According to Microsoft, the change does not mark the end of the tools, which will still be available for download and will only stop appearing in new clean installations. From now on, users interested in

“Both applications will still be available on the Store and will remain on your device after an operating system update,” explains Microsoft in the announcement of the new Windows 10 preview. “So if you updated your PC normally, you will not see these applications changed in your list of programs. ”

Paint 3D is available for Windows 10 and Surface Hub devices at this link. The 3D Viewer can be downloaded on computers and HoloLens through this page.

Low adhesion

The tools for creating and visualizing three-dimensional objects arrived with the Creators Update in 2017. The launch of Paint 3D generated several reactions in the system’s user community, as the solution came to replace the iconic Windows drawing program with around 40 years.

Despite Microsoft’s big bet on 3D software, users ended up not using the function so often in Windows 10. The company even abandoned the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčkilling the old Paint, which is still available in the operating system today.

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