No One Will Save the World presents the Frozen Hearth DLC


Nobody Saves the World is the latest game from DrinkBox Studios, the team best known for their work on the Guacamelee franchise. The action game “Nobody Saves the World” on dungeons received mostly positive reviews at the time of its release earlier this year, and DrinkBox improved the experience in subsequent updates that fixed bugs and even added a local cooperative mode.

Fans highly appreciated the update for the local cooperative “No One will save the world”, and soon they will have even more interesting things in the game. As IGN announced, No One will Save the World will receive a special DLC expansion on September 13 for all platforms called Frozen Hearth. Sold at $4.99, no one saves the world of Frozen Hearth DLC, players gain access to a brand new underground area.

Exploring this new underground area in “No One will Save the World”, players will find themselves participating in an event called “Hardening”, which consists of various “puzzles and challenges”. Some of these puzzles and challenges are fully featured in the Frozen Hearth DLC trailer, so fans can take a look at what the expansion has in store for them when it comes out on September 13.

Players will be able to use the “No One will Save the World” forms that they unlocked in the main game during the “Tempering”, but they will also have access to two new forms. According to IGN, the new forms of “No One will Save the World” are a Killer Bee and a Mechanic. Both forms are on display in the Frozen Hearth trailer, so fans of “No One Will Save the World” can see what they look like in action before launching on September 13.

In addition to new forms and challenges, fans of “No One will Save the World” should expect a lot more to look forward to the release of Frozen Hearth on September 13. While it’s unclear how big this new underground area will be compared to the base game’s “Nobody Saves the World” map, players should have no shortage of secrets to find. We also know that the Frozen Hearth DLC will add a new mini golf class that players can enjoy together with their co-op partners, so it should be fun. It’s unclear if the new DLC will also add some new achievements for those who have already unlocked all the “Nobody Saves the World” achievements/trophies, but it should be pointed out as we approach the DLC release date next month.

No One is saving the world now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The Frozen Hearth expansion is released on September 13 for all platforms.


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