No more, the price of PlayStation 5 has emerged!


The claims about the PlayStation 5, which is expected to be available for sale towards the end of 2020, are endless. Now, the price of a PlayStation 5 with 2 TB of storage has emerged on the website of a store in Germany. Offering 2 TB of storage, PS 5 shocks the leaked price. Here is the price of PlayStation 5 that appeared on the German site …

The price of 2 TB PlayStation 5 has been revealed!

playstation 5 fiyatı

Sony has frequently mentioned the SSD in its announcements about PlayStation 5. At this point, it was announced by the company that there will be 825 GB of storage space. Of course, when we consider the high file sizes of today’s games, it is a known fact that 825 GB of space will be insufficient. In this case, the future of models with higher storage areas was among the claims made.

Previously, the 2 TB PlayStation 5 appeared on Amazon and was immediately removed. Now, a 2TB PS5 and its price have emerged on a German e-commerce site.

According to the advertisement shared by, the 2 TB PS5 will have a really high price. The price on the site seems to be 974 Euros.


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