No More Heroes, registered for Nintendo Switch in Taiwan


The body that rates video games by age in that country has listed it, but Grasshopper Manufacture has not announced anything.

The No More Heroes saga has returned during this generation. With the third installment of the budding saga for the Nintendo Switch, there is still an outstanding account with classic video games. Suda 51, the creative behind the saga, has already made it clear that he would like to recover the classics and launch them in modern systems. Despite the fact that Grasshopper Manufacture, the developer, has not announced absolutely anything officially, the title has been listed on the website of the body that classifies video games by age in Taiwan.

No More Heroes is released as a release for Nintendo Switch, a console that has served and will serve as a home for the latest installments in the series. First was Travis Strikes Back: No More Heroes, a spin-off that also ended up coming out on other platforms. Then it will be the turn of No More Heroes 3, which is currently exclusive to the Kyoto console. If there is a relaunch of the first installment, it is expected that it will be ready before the new chapter.

In negotiations

Suda 51’s interest in bringing back Travis’s oldest adventures is unquestionable. This was confirmed by the Japanese creative in an interview with MeriStation: “I would love to recover them on modern consoles. We are currently in talks with Marvelous to bring No More Heroes 1 and 2 to current systems, “he said at the time. This being the case, if the negotiations with the publisher have come to fruition, as suggested, we may soon have news.

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No More Heroes is an action saga starring a very diverse character. In the line of other products developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the titles have a look as extravagant as unique. If nothing changes, the third installment will go on sale sometime in 2020, although an exact date has not yet been specified.


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