No more forgetting your iCloud password!


How to use Recovery Contact, which is an important feature for those who forgot Apple account or iCloud password?


Losing your Apple ID password can often ruin your digital life. Because it can cause you to stay out of the account you use to manage your Apple devices, not be able to access your iCloud data, and manage your app and service subscriptions.

In this scenario, Apple can’t reset your password just for you, especially if you have two-factor authentication enabled. Setting up a recovery is an alternative solution, but in such cases you cannot change your password unless you have a second trusted device in addition to the recovery key. So what can we do about this situation?

What does iOS 15 Recovery Contact provide?

To solve this problem more conveniently, Apple allows you to set up an account recovery contact that can help make sure that you can always access your account, even if you forget your “Apple ID” password or device password in iOS 15.

Your recovery person will be the one who can verify your identity and help you regain access to your account and all your data should you ever lose access to your account. Your recovery contact must be over 13 years old and running iOS 15‌ or iPadOS 15 or later. They will also need two-factor authentication turned on for their account and a passcode set on their device.

How is the Recovery Person determined?

1- Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap your ‌Apple ID‌ banner at the top of the main menu.

2- Tap on Password and Security.

3- Tap on Account Recovery.

4- Tap Add Recovery Contact under Recovery Assistance.

5- Read the information on the screen and then tap Add Recovery Contact.

6- Select a recovery contact. If you are part of a Family Sharing group, the appropriate contacts will appear in the options. Alternatively, tap Choose Someone Else to call your contacts.

7- Tap Next and the screen below will allow you to send a message to the person you selected informing them that you have added them as your recovery contact. You can send the default message or edit it before sending.

Remember to save the person’s phone number so you can contact them if you need help with account recovery.

How can you help someone regain access to their account?

If you’re someone’s designated rescue contact, let’s also take a look at how you can help them.

You will need to verify some “Apple ID” account information first, and then he will need to contact you by phone or in person. The steps below will show you how to proceed with creating and sharing a recovery code that they can then enter on their device.

1- Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap your ‌Apple ID‌ banner at the top of the main menu.

2- Tap Password & Security > Account Recovery.

3- Tap on the name of the person to be recovered and then tap on Get Recovery Code.

4- When the contact is ready, read the recovery code. After entering the password on their device, they will be able to reset their passwords and regain access to their Apple account.

Note: All iOS devices associated with your account must be upgraded to ‌iOS 15‌ or ‌iPadOS 15‌ to set up the recovery dialog. Apple Watches must be upgraded to watchOS 8 or later. You won’t be able to use the recovery dialog feature until you upgrade all your devices or remove them from your ‌Apple ID‌ account.


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