No more ads that open new tabs!


How to block an ad that suddenly opens from a new tab while watching a video? We have explained the subject in detail in our guide.


When we say that while watching a TV series, movie or program we used to love, the advertisements that suddenly interrupt us and spoil our mood will vanish with the introduction of the internet into our lives; Now it has started to spread everywhere, from smartphones to computers. So much so that sometimes they become so annoying that the commercials on television have mercy on them.

From videos on YouTube to articles on web pages, there is actually a solution to internet ads that have not become widespread. This is where adblockers come into play. However, developers who find solutions to these software also put adblocker blockers on their sites. This situation has almost turned into an advertisement-user war.

Blocking pop-up ads from new tab

While watching videos, we can describe the ads that appear silently in one corner of the screen as relatively harmless. While unsightly, at least they disappear as soon as I switch to full-screen mode. However, there are also pop-up ads that open new tabs, where things start to get messy. When you click on the progress bar to advance the video, the page you are on changes with a crack.

The way to eliminate this situation is to block pop-up requests altogether. Thanks to the “Pop-up blocker” software we will install, we will block annoying new tab open ads. First of all, download the plug-in suitable for the browser you are using, using the links below:

  • Chromium (Google Chrome, Vivaldi etc.)
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox

How to use pop-up blocker?

First of all, let’s talk briefly about the working logic of the plugin. The pop-up blocker automatically blocks all harmful or harmless new tabs/windows that do not open against your will while browsing the browser. A small checkbox appears in the upper right corner of the screen, and you can allow the ad to appear voluntarily if you wish. In this way, while the ad-blocking feature is working, the opening of a site that is not harmful to you is not blocked.

If the ad appeared against your will, you can close the confirmation window by clicking the cross. Or by clicking on the small eye icon, you can put the requests coming from that site into the background. In this way, you will avoid the constant request for approval. However, if you are trying to open a harmless tab/window, you need to select one of the “Allow Once” and “Always Allow” buttons. If it’s a site you trust, it’s okay to always allow it. It would be better to give one-time permission only if it is needed for the moment.

There are many software that have the same working logic as the ad-blocking add-on called pop-up blocker. However, we cannot guarantee their reliability. You can also find different alternatives from the add-on store of the browser you are using.


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