No MCU movie is immune from the insults of Deadpool 3


The writers of “Deadpool 3″ say that after the Mercenary with the Mouth finally crossed the border, no film of the Marvel cinematic universe is immune from his insults. Ryan Reynolds first revived a cult hero in Fox’s “X-Men” franchise with the poorly received “Origin: Wolverine,” and then got another chance to play a role in 2016’s “Deadpool.” The solo film received widespread acclaim from both critics and viewers, which helped earn a sequel with 2018’s “Deadpool 2,” which was also well received and became a box office hit.

Thanks to this continued success, Reynolds and his production partners worked on Deadpool 3 for a long time, first starting at Fox, and then Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, and the X-Men franchise was completed. The film got a new lease of life when Reynolds began working with Marvel Studios to include the character in the MCU for the triquel, and finally gained momentum earlier this year when “Free Guy” and Sean Levy from the Adam Project signed a production contract. “Deadpool 3” also brings back the original screenwriting duo of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and they offer exciting insights into what’s coming out of the movie.

Appearing on The Post-Credit podcast, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick hinted at what to expect from Deadpool 3. Looking at the character heading to the Mouse House, the duo confirmed that no MCU movie is immune from offending Deadpool in the upcoming triquel. See what they shared below:

“How many films did they give us? 25? 26? 28? Something like that. Now we have a storehouse of things to laugh at… and Deadpool is an equal [opportunist], so everything is fair game. I really think what we obviously do is sit in our head and imagine Deadpool talking to character “X”, character “Y”, character “C”, because right there you just think, “Is this funny or not?” and the answer is very often, “Yes.”

In comics, Deadpool is well known for his frequent breakthroughs of the fourth wall and ridiculing other superheroes in his world, namely Wolverine from X-Man. So far in the Deadpool movies, he has continued to deliberately mock those around him, including the absence of any major X-Men stars appearing and accusing the studio of not throwing them a bone, as well as the fact that Logan is trying to outdo him. R-rated films and the Death of Wolverine by Hugh Jackman. Given this tendency, many understandably assumed that “Deadpool 3” would see insults directed at the MCU to some extent, and the teaser of Reese and Wernick would surely keep the audience delighted with what would fall under his sights.

Reese and Wernick’s comments that no MCU movie is immune from the insults of “Deadpool 3” also confirm promising signs that the creators of the triquel will keep everything that viewers loved in the first two films. Both the writing duo and Reynolds promised that the film would not be “Disney” and would retain the R-rated sense of humor for which the character is best known. While viewers are waiting for further details about the film, they can already review the first two Deadpool films that are broadcast on Fubo.