No Man’s Sky: patch lets you tame alien creatures


Hello Games released on Wednesday (17) a massive new update for No Man’s Sky. In the Companions patch, players will be able to transform alien creatures into pets, managing to train them and perform several other actions to ensure a companion of exploration for space adventures.

In the free update, all players will be able to establish friendly and partnership relationships with countless space creatures, developing bonds and routines in order to maximize loyalty. Various monsters will be available for adoption, which can be trained and tamed to perform activities such as combat and defense, resource collection, finding safe locations and much more.

Pet aliens can also be used as mounts to speed up planet recognition and displacement. In addition, the Companions patch adds an interesting online exchange and interaction feature between players, who will be able to exchange eggs from creatures that cross and trade them with other friends. In this way, monsters will be born totally random and different from each other, suffering changes in habits, ecosystems, species and more factors.

No Man’s Sky is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC.

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