No Man’s Sky details Origins from its updates


Hello Games shows the great advances that the 3.0 update of its space Sandbox will have. No Man’s Sky today presented its new free update, Origins, adding one more stone in the exemplary trajectory of the Hello Games project, which, based on continuous effort and constant updates without payment, has gone from being a controversial launch to becoming everything a symbol of how to reverse a difficult situation and how to create a great game based on continuing to believe in it and not abandon it.

In addition to a long list of improvements, available to all users, fans have especially celebrated the glimpse of giant worms, in the style of Dune and that were part of the original plans and some promotional videos, before having to be eliminated in the final game for not being “very funny” in the testing phase. That was one of the many “broken promises” for which the original game was condemned by some of the fans, so its presence here is another circle that closes in pursuit of the greatness of an essential title for lovers of the special games.

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