No Man’s Sky Celebrates 5 Years With Frontiers Expansion Announcement


No Man’s Sky completed this Monday, August 9th, five years since its original release. Over that time, the game has gone from a troubled debut to a title with a respectable amount of content and a loyal following. And we have even more on the way, with the announcement of the new Frontiers expansion.

The reveal was made by Hello Games along with a commemorative video for the fifth anniversary. The screenshots show a bit of behind-the-scenes development of the game and list the expansions it has had so far, concluding with the reveal of Frontiers.

Unfortunately, nothing is said about the new expansion, only the name is shown on a screen with a red background, followed by a “coming soon”. It is also informed that the content will be free for players who already have the game.

No Man’s Sky is a game that has fallen victim to its own hype. The game invested heavily in marketing, especially after being “sponsored” by Sony as an exclusive release on PS4. There were so many promises that a great part of them were not fulfilled and a great part of the generated expectations were not fulfilled.

Over the past five years, Hello Games has worked to bring to the game at least a good part of what was once promised. Bugs were fixed, visuals were improved, the story was expanded, and the controversial multiplayer came out. Now, players who haven’t given up on the title can expect even more news on the way.


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