No Limit: Participants In Globo’s Reality Show Are Announced


No Limit: This Sunday (25th), the public finally got to know all the participants of No Limit, Globo’s first reality show, which is back after 11 years. They were announced after the breaks of Domingão do Faustão and Big Brother Brasil 21.

In addition to André Marques at the helm of the attraction, which replaces journalist Zeca Camargo, all participants have been to previous editions of Big Brother Brasil.

Meet all those who will be On the Limit!

Paula Amorim (BBB 18)

In the Big Brother Brasil edition that she participated, Paula was in 4th place in the public’s preference. She currently works as a businesswoman and digital influencer at the age of 32.

Viegas (BBB 18)

In the same edition, Mauro Aurelio Viegas got involved in some heated discussions and went far in the game, being the 11th eliminated. At 36, he continues to work as a musician.

Angelica (BBB 15)

The model and influencer Angélica Ramos ended up being the fifth eliminated from Big Brother Brasil in 2015. After that, she went to live in Belgium, but is back to No Limit.

Arcrebian (BBB 21)

Even though he likes to be called Bill, the physical educator from Vila Velha (ES) was well known because of his different name and also for getting involved with Karol Conká in the 21st edition of BBB.

Ariadna (BBB 11)

Although she was eliminated in the first week of confinement at BBB 11, Ariadna made history by being the first transsexual participant in the program. Currently, at the age of 36, she is divided between Rio de Janeiro and Italy.

Neapolitan Gui (BBB 20)

Bill Napolitano was a leader a few times during the time he was confined to the most watched house in Brazil. However, he was the sixth eliminated, even though he engaged in a romance with the singer Gabi Martins.

Carol (BBB 19)

Although the 19th edition of Big Brother Brasil is not the most remembered by the public, participant Carol Peixinho ended up standing out for reaching the final. At 36, she works as a publicist and digital influencer.

Kaysar (BBB 18)

The runner-up of the 2018 edition made history by being a finalist in an endurance race that lasted about 43 hours. Kaysar also joined the cast of Dança dos Famous and the soap opera Órfãos da Terra.

Elana (BBB 19)

An agronomist, model and digital influencer, Piauí from Elena Valenaria was the ninth eliminated from Big Brother Brasil in 2019. During her time at the house, she made great friends.

Lucas Chumbo (BBB 20)

In the 2020 edition, Lucas Chumbo was the first eliminated. Even so, he kept his career intact as a professional surfer. Shortly after leaving reality, he won a very important tournament.

Gleici (BBB 18)

The champion of the 18th edition of Big Brother Brasil will also be at No Limit. Her participation had several iconic moments, including a triumphant return from a false wall.

Mahmoud (BBB 18)

Another participant of the 18th edition, Mahmoud Baydon made great friends and enemies during his stay, getting involved in fights and arguments. Currently, outside the program, he publishes content on sexology on his YouTube channel.

Iris (BBB 7)

Iris Stefanelli had a trajectory that is still remembered by viewers today. Protagonist of a love triangle, she was the eighth eliminated from the 7th edition of the program and currently, at the age of 41, she is a presenter, businesswoman and influencer.

Marcelo (BBB 4)

Considered by the public as one of the villains of the house in Big Brother Brasil 4, he left with a high rate of rejection. He is currently 40 years old and coaches UFC athletes.

Jessica (BBB 18)

A meme ended up marking Jessica’s participation in BBB 18. She also got involved in a highly commented novel out here and is now ready to be No Limit.

André (BBB 13)

The last announced was André Martinelli, who did very well in endurance tests in the program. He got far in the game and had a romance with Fernanda Keulla, the BBB 13 champion.


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