No images appear in your gallery, that’s the solution!


It is terrible when you look for an image that was sent to you by WhatsApp and suddenly it tells you that it is not found, by the time you pass this moment we leave you the solution.

As usual, this day in Somagnews we bring you a new trick which will surely help you when an image that has been sent to you by WhatsApp has been deleted or is simply not found.

And we remember, WhatsApp changed the way we communicate, before they were only text but nowadays with multiple updates, a person can send and receive videos, audios, images, among other types of files.

All that information passing through our device, some record is left on the cell phone either in specific folders or in the gallery of the mobile device, but it happens that there are times when the images simply disappear, to prevent this from happening we leave you some simple tricks.

Adjust WhatsApp

On Android, if you download a photo or video from WhatsApp, it will automatically be available in your phone’s gallery app.

Now, recently the instant messaging APP had an update in its functions, hiding the downloaded images from the gallery. So if your WhatsApp images or videos are not visible in the gallery, this setup trick could be responsible.

What to do to see the images in Gallery?

Changing the configuration, for this you have two options, for all contacts or enable for individual contacts. But be careful, by enabling the Media Visibility option, previously hidden files that use this feature will not become visible. It works only for new images and videos that are sent through the APP.

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Avoid hidden means:

Open WhatsApp
Tap the three dots icon at the top
Select Settings (Settings).
Tap on Chats.
Slide your finger on the switch next to Media visibility. (must be green)
Ready! From now on, all the new multimedia files that you download from any contact will be visible in your gallery.

Delete the ‘Nomedia File’

Another way to make hidden WhatsApp files visible in gallery app is to delete .nomedia file. If a folder contains the .nomedia file in it, its files will not show up in other applications. Therefore, you must remove this file.

Launch the File Manager application on your phone.
Settings or tap on the three dots icon.
Select Show hidden files.
Change in the name of the WhatsApp image folder

For that, you need to go to the folder at WhatsApp> Media folder using your phone’s file explorer application. If you see a period (.) Before the name of the WhatsApp Images or Video folder, it means that the folder is hidden.

For it to be visible, the name of the folder must be changed to remove the period from it. Once you do, open the gallery app and start enjoying the images.


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