No Google: Windows 11 Widgets Will Only Work With Bing


Windows 11: One of the main new features of Windows 11, officially launched last Tuesday (5), are the new Widgets. Introduced as a “fresh” feature, the toolkit aims to provide quick insight into the latest news, weather, to-do tasks, and other similar interests. According to Microsoft, this department has received several artificial intelligence-powered improvements to reflect users’ personal tastes, but the personalization factor may be quite limited.

While it’s possible to adjust how many and which “shortcuts” will be in the Widgets section — now with a dedicated button on the Taskbar — defining “how” this presentation will occur can frustrate some users. Notably, the biggest example of the problem is the Search Bar and information feed, still powered by the proprietary search engine Bing, as in Windows 10.

The case is aggravated when considering that Bing “dominates” only 6.78% of this market today, enough to surpass its smaller competitors, which together total 5.36% of presence. However, the margin still places it far behind the giant Google, which attracts 86.65% of users. The data are from the StatCounter website, maintained by the company GlobalStats; check out the chart:


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