No essential accessories in the Apple Watch Series 6 box


Apple Watch Series 6 was the star of today’s Apple event. Apple, who gave a lot of detail about the new features and hardware of the new smart watch, also shared a surprising information. The company announced that its new smart watch will not contain a charging adapter in the box in order to reduce the amount of electronic waste.

This announcement came just after the Apple Watch Series 6 pricing was announced. The Cupertino-based company emphasizes that this decision is taken with environmental concerns. Apple also shared the information that it aims to become a completely “carbon neutral” company by 2030.

A footnote under an article on the Watch Series 6 in the Newsroom on Apple’s website displays a list of recycled materials used for the watch. The company states that the watch utilizes 100 percent recycled materials in the Taptic Engine, the case of its aluminum models, and other parts.

The footnote continues: “Apple is also helping the environment by removing the AC adapter from the Watch Series 6 box, which can be turned into electronic waste. Support is also provided for Apple Watch manufacturing partners to switch to renewable energy.

Apparently; Apple is confident that purchasers of the Watch Series 6 have an adapter that they can use to charge the device. In fact, it is very unlikely that people who will buy the new smartwatch will not have a Lightning input device before. Still, it would be strange if the charging adapter won’t come out of the box.

This change in the Apple Watch Series 6 box may herald another change. Claims that the company plans to remove the charging adapter from the iPhone’s box have also been around for a long time. Removing the charging adapter from the box of Apple Watch Series 6 suggests that Apple could follow that path on the iPhone 12. It takes a little more patience to see if this possibility will come true.

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