No Coronavirus Holidays to Blockchain Experts in the USA


Many people around the world started working from home to avoid Kovid-19 disease. Meanwhile, many cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. it is closed. But some people still have to go to their jobs.

Some of these are private sector employees who are “obliged” to go, while others are those who play an important role in fighting coronavirus and are expected to contribute to this process (such as healthcare professionals).

To Blockchain Experts
The Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Authority (CISA), which is affiliated with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, recently issued a statement about the coronavirus outbreak.

In this statement published by CISA, some professional groups were asked to continue working. The information in the paper is as follows:

“If you are working in a sector that is defined by the Ministry of Homeland Security as a critical infrastructure, such as food, healthcare and pharmaceutical services, you have a responsibility to continue your work in the normal course.”

The Ministry of Internal Security states that there is a great need for supply chain experts in the food sector right now. The Ministry is currently working on field workers, farm owners, intermediaries, etc. suggests their work in the usual course. According to the definitions made by the Ministry, blockchain experts should also work in this process.

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