No charging adapter from iPhone 11, XR and SE cases


Apple announced an important change when introducing the iPhone 12 series. The company has announced that the new iPhones will not contain headphones and charging adapters in the box, only USB-C Lightning cable will be in the device box. Apple will apply this approach to the iPhone 11, XR and SE (2020) models, which it currently sells.

From now on, those who buy the iPhone 11, XR or 2020 model SE will not be able to find the EarPod headset and charging adapter in the product box. The Cupertino-based company stated that the decision was taken in line with environmental factors and underlined that it is aimed to reduce electronic waste in the long term.

It seems likely that Apple’s move will be discussed more often. The company reduced the international sales price of the EarPods headset and the new 20W power adapter in order to eliminate the negative criticisms that may come to some extent. In the USA, EarPods are sold for $ 10 and the power adapter for $ 20.


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