No: 10 Hidden Details and Easter Eggs that Everyone Missed


Jordan Peele’s films are known for their layering and hidden meaning, and Nope continues this tradition by putting carefully hidden details into its heartbreaking story of an alien terrorizing the Haywood family ranch. Keen-eyed fans can rejoice in the fact that there are so many aspects to take into account, besides Peele’s accusations of entertainment, the Hollywood machine and human arrogance.

From small moments of foreshadowing the unfolding of the plot and references to his previous films and even to some of those that influenced Nope himself, there are a lot of Easter eggs in the horror movie, but as with OJ and the strange cloud, fans need to know what to do. Look.

Jupe’s jacket

At the Star Lasso Experience event, you can see Ricky “Yupika” Park in a fashionable red suit that echoes the theatricality of the ringmaster. Since he promises the audience a spectacle, it makes sense for him to dress only appropriately, although there is something more in his costume than it seems at first glance.

There is an embroidered pattern on the back of his jacket over the shoulders, which at first glance may resemble flowers, but on closer inspection is one of the best moments foreshadowing the final form that Jean Jacket takes after appearing as a flying saucer for most of the film. As a bonus Easter egg on the character’s poster featuring Jupe, his cowboy hat foreshadows his demise, as it resembles a Denim jacket sucking him in.

6:13 Star Lasso by Marks Jean Jacket and Rampage Gordy

Having known about his extraterrestrial neighbor for several months, Jupe hopes to turn the Star Laso Experience into a lucrative source of income by inviting guests and seeing Jean Jacket eat a horse. Jean Jacket usually appears every evening at 6:13 for “dinner”, a special sequence of numbers that has an eerie meaning for the showman.

In the episode dedicated to Gordy’s birthday!, Gordy the chimpanzee became enraged when the balloon burst exactly 6 minutes and thirteen seconds later, killing almost all of his human colleagues. Two notable biblical passages, Matthew 3:16 and Romans 3:16, speak of resisting temptation and getting rid of evil, pointing out that the promise of glory and the temptation of spectacles can make people instruments of greed.

The opening was shot through the mouth of a denim jacket

If the beginning of “No” seems creepy or strange, it’s because it’s shot through a square-shaped tunnel with billowing walls, giving a perspective that isn’t confirmed until the end of the film and is Jean Jacket’s mouth and/or eye.

When the alien transforms into his final form, chasing a balloon from the “Claims of Jupiter”, a square-shaped green mouth is shown in great detail, which emits a clicking sound, not unlike a camera shutter. Given that Peel’s horror films contain social commentary, this aspect of the creature seems to reflect humanity’s desire not only to document the spectacle, but also to be considered as such, special enough to be visited by an alien being.

Posters of films about black cowboys in the Heywood House

Haywood Hollywood horses got their start from Alistair Haywood, a fictitious name given to an unknown black jockey filmed riding a horse for the first case of moving images. OJ and Emerald have a family horse-fighting business steeped not only in Hollywood myths, but also in the erasure of black performers.

Perhaps it is appropriate that posters with westerns starring black cowboys are hung around the Heywood house, including such as “Buck and the Preacher” in the production and with Sidney Poitier in the title role, whom many consider an actor on a par with Sir Laurence Olivier or Marlon Brando in skill and attractiveness. . In a way, the Heywood siblings believe that shooting Jean Jacket in “Oprah’s picture” guarantees that their ancestor’s name, like their own, will be remembered.

Guardian Angel

Nope often talks about “bad miracles” as terrible things that happen under unexplained circumstances, such as the Heywood siblings who lost their father to an alien spewing out the inorganic parts of their last meal. When they meet Angel Torres, he more than matches his namesake.

Acting as a guardian angel for the brother and sister duo when they try to make their “Oprah shot” an alien, he won’t take no for an answer even when they try to force him to withdraw his participation, and even offers them a safe haven when they have nowhere else to go. He is also the only one who has a positive attitude towards Jean Jacket, hoping that the alien will help “save lives” and become a source of change for the world.

References to famous blockbusters

No, Peel feels the scale and visual effects more, so it’s only natural that he borrowed some themes (and even scenes) from the famous blockbuster master Steven Spielberg. From Spielberg’s hits “Jaws”, “Close Encounters of the Third Degree” and “Jurassic Park”, it can be clearly seen that they influenced the tone and narrative of the film.


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