Nkuti Gatwa will be the first gay doctor, says Neil Patrick Harris


Neil Patrick Harris announces that Nkuti Gatwa will be the first gay doctor in the BBC series Doctor Who. Since Jodie Whittaker, the current incarnation of the Doctor, is due to leave the series by the end of 2022, it was recently announced that the “Sex Education” star Gatva has been chosen to play the new Doctor. Gatwa will be the 14th actor to play the Doctor since the series first started in 1963. The Doctor is an extraterrestrial being who travels through time, having the ability to regenerate into a new body with severe injuries, which allows many actors to portray a character over the years.

The announcement of Gatwa’s casting was very exciting, as he became the first colored actor to play a major role in the series. This happened after Whittaker made history as the first female Doctor, showing that Doctor Who brings much-needed diversity. Apart from Gatva’s debut, fans are also looking forward to the upcoming 60th anniversary of Doctor Who. This event will be marked by a special television special dedicated to the return of David Tennant and others. Harris is also set to make his Doctor Who debut in a special edition, and he recently confirmed another detail about the Gatwa Doctor.

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In an interview with Variety, Harris said that Gatva is the first gay doctor. Harris recently returned from filming the new season of Doctor Who in Wales. He was offered the role after he had previously worked with Russell T. Davis on the film It’s a Sin. Harris confirmed that he was able to meet and communicate with Gatva, whom he praised very much. He also confirmed that he will be the first gay Doctor and a much sexier and cooler Doctor. Check out his statement below:

I had to meet and chat with him a little bit, and he’s great. He will be the first gay Doctor to be a very cool, sexier Doctor.

When Gatwa was cast as the Doctor, no confirmation of his sexual orientation was given, which makes Harris’ statement both fascinating and surprising. It also means that Dr. Gutva will become very innovative as the first minority doctor and the first gay Doctor. Meanwhile, the comment that he is a “cool and sexy Doctor” is also very interesting. Doctors are usually described as a genius who may be a bit eccentric, but sensitive and loyal. However, not too often the words “sexy” are used to describe it. Hopefully, this means that the Doctor may have a different, more unique flair in interpreting Gatva.

Ultimately, “Doctor Gatva” is very different from anything viewers have seen before. However, he may be making his debut in more familiar territory with former showrunner Davis returning to Doctor Who for the Gatwa incarnation. Having Davis’ signature style in the past, but combined with a more representative Doctor, could certainly create an interesting combination. At the moment, the Doctor is getting the reinvention he needs, and the show is in the hands of someone who knows the franchise well. Gatwa has truly made history as the first gay Doctor, and viewers can’t wait to see his impact on Doctor Who and the future of the show.


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