NiziU Showcases Its Talents in All In Challenge


With the premiere of ALL IN by Stray Kids also came a new challenge to replicate the Tik Tok, the girls of NiziU joined the challenge and showed their creativity.

Stray Kids latest music release was dedicated to their Japanese fans, the idols prepared a music video for their song ALL IN, but also released a challenge that STAY could follow. The NiziU girls joined the challenge and surprised with a couple of new videos.

The ALL IN challenge consists of a series of dance steps that begin after listening to the female narration present in the song, but not only did SKZ fans show their contributions, the Japanese idols from NiziU came together through duets.


The Tik Tok account of the Japanese group JYP Entertainment and Sony Music was updated with two new videos, both of which correspond to the ALL IN challenge.

Mako and Rima showed off their version of the choreography while in a practice room, but Rio and Mayuka also joined in the fun with their own video.

The gesture was very well received by the girls ‘fans and also by STAY, who is already preparing for the K-Pop idols’ online concert.

Ayaka, Miihi, Mayuka, Maya, Mako, Rima, Nina, Rio and Riku will have their official debut very soon, we will tell you the details about Step And A Step.

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