NiziU is ready for their official debut with Step and a Step


The Japanese group from JYP Entertainment will be debuting with a musical single, and the first teasers for the members of NiziU have already been revealed.

It’s been a while since JYP Entertainment started the Nizi Project program, the girls who won this show are now part of NiziU, and the group is now ready for their official debut with a new song.

After the survival show came to an end, SONY and the Korean entertainment agency released the girl group’s first song with a music video called Make You Happy. This pre debut release showed a side of the girls where we see them having fun and with a change in their image.

Now, the singers will have their official debut with the single Step and a Step, which will be revealed on December 2.


The Japanese group consisting of Ayaka, Miihi, Mayuka, Maya, Mako, Rima, Nina, Rio, and Riku continued their preparation after winning the show, but are now ready to join the music industry with their debut song.

After the announcement of their new single, NiziU’s social media revealed a group photo where we see the fresh style that the members will show.

Now, individual teaser photos for the upcoming premiere have started to be posted. Mako, Rio and Maya show a youthful and happy image in the first published images, where the flashes of light transmit us a vibe of fantasy and dreams.

Recently, Big Hit Entertainment also debuted a new group under the name of ENHYPEN, these guys have just released what will be the name of their fandom.


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