NiziU breaks new record with Make You Happy on Oricon


The members of NiziU are conquering the world of music and music charts, the J-pop girl group has generated a new brand on the Oricon chart.

NiziU is preparing her debut with the single ‘Step and a Step’, a fun song that will reflect all the colors of the members of the South Korean agency group JYP Entertainment.

Even though the idols have not officially unveiled their debut, their predebut music activities have already garnered great worldwide recognition on famous digital platforms.

‘Make You Happy’ is the first song from NiziU, the MV was released on June 29, 2020, it already exceeds 164 million views on YouTube and so far has more than 1 million likes.


Now, NiziU’s famous single has made a new mark on Oricon’s Japanese music chart, racking up millions of views, giving the 9 singers and rappers a new career high.

According to some Japanese media, the girl group NiziU with ‘Make You Happy’ has exceeded 100 million views on Oricon, one of the most important chats in Asia and globally.

‘Make You Happy’ has ranked fifth on Oricon’s weekly chart, the JYP Entertainment group being the first girl band to surpass this streaming mark by staying on the chart for 19 consecutive weeks.

The Japanese music market is considered the second largest in the world, so this is a big step in the artistic work of Ayaka, Maya, Mayuka, Miihi, Mako, Rio, Rima, Riku and Nina from NiziU.

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