NiziU: Before and after being J-pop idols


NiziU’s 9 Japanese idols underwent a transformation after debuting in the J-pop group, see what they looked like before they were big music stars.

NiziU is the most recent musical project of the company JYP Entertainment, the 9 members were selected through a reality talent show called ‘Nizi Project’, where several aspiring singers, rappers and dancers competed to be part of the band.

Ayaka, Maya, Mayuka, Miihi, Mako, Rio, Rima, Riku and Nina form the official line-up of NiziU, although the girls have not made their official stage debut, if they shared the colorful MV for the song ‘Make You Happy’ .

The video for ‘Make You Happy’ was released 4 months ago and so far has more than 163 million views on the YouTube platform, the clip shows the charms of all the members.

Do you want to meet the singers and rappers before being on the ‘Nizi Project’ show? This time we bring you some photos and videos of Japanese celebrities before they were famous. Who is your bias from NiziU?



She used to have a big smile and Makuya was cute, with a great personality, the NiziU member wore her hair with different styles, hairstyles and looks.


Miihi used to wear braces and was heavier than now, which gave her a ‘baby’ appearance, as her face was round, with big eyes and incredible charms.


Riku had already appeared on Japanese television before being part of NiziU, she used to wear her hair short, with bangs and made the camera fall in love with her cute features.

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Nina from NiziU has a great talent for modeling, in her predebut she was shown as a happy girl, the singer’s features have not changed much, she remains the same.


Rio’s beauty is from birth, because the NiziU member used to be the image of several products, in her photos before she was an idol, she always appears very smiling and happy.


The NiziU member loved sports, so she really enjoyed going out to distract herself by practicing some discipline, her features have not changed much.


Maya loved to go out with her friends, spend her free time hanging out with her acquaintances and in appearance she was sweet, she was always very thin and flexible.


Mako has been characterized by her professionalism and dedication, before the idol of the company JYP Entertainment was famous, she was a girl with a special brightness, with expressive, large eyes and a fuller face.


Rima is identical to her mother, who is a famous model, the idol of NiziU from a very young age developed her love for music, she was also known for her visual.

Recently, Rima’s parents announced their separation, so the J-pop star will have to change her last name, we invite you to see: Rima changes her name due to her parents’ divorce.


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