NiziU: 5 Moments in Mayuka and Riku’s Friendship

Mayuka and Riku went through a difficult road together, but in the end they managed to debut with NiziU, the singers and dancers maintain a friendship with epic moments worth remembering.

Within the musical groups there will always be members who create a special connection with another of their peers, NiziU is no exception, the friendship between Mayuka and Riku is one of the most beautiful.

Mayuka’s personality matched perfectly with Riku’s character, both are fun, talented and responsible girls who know that they have each other in the most difficult moments and in the most joyous.

Surely more than once you observed the coexistence between the two Japanese edges of the agency JYP Entertainment, in addition to sharing on stage, work and activities, they are confidants.

Do you want to know better the enormous affection that the interpreters of the song ‘Make You Happy’ have? Below, we will show you some videos and photos that demonstrate Mayuka and Riku’s sisterhood.



The different videos for TikTok that the two NiziU artists record have a special shine and receive the love of Internet users with thousands of likes. YAY!


One occasion Riku commented that it was easy to open her heart with Mayuka because she was a girl who knew how to listen and could be honest with all her feelings.

Nizi Project

The good coexistence of Mayuka and Riku was observed throughout the season of Nizi Project, both were encouraged to continue with their dreams forward and were excited when they passed one more round.

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The photos that Mayuka and Riku share with WithU always receive a lot of love, as their chemistry cuts through the screen and shows that there is nothing better than friendship.


During an interview with the members of NiziU, Riku mentioned that Mayuka’s existence could heal the hearts of all people. Owww! The gone maintain a beautiful friendship.

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