Nissan’s iconic car will go on sale as NFT! Here is the date


One more car is included among the NFT works. Nissan’s beloved model GT-R will be sold as a digital artifact.


Nissan’s iconic model GT-R is immortalized. The vehicle, which has become a favorite of car enthusiasts since 2007, is included among the unique pieces of digital art hosted on the blockchain.

Artwork designed by Alex McLeod

The Nissan GT-R, which will be sold as NFT by Nissan Canada, was designed by local artist Alex McLeod. The designer shows the GT-R a way to highlight the vehicle’s boldness and variety in a supernatural setting.

A reserve price of 204 thousand dollars has been determined for the GT-R NFT, which will be put up for sale through an auction. The auction for the digital artwork hosted on the NFT marketplace RubiX will begin on Oct. And it’s scheduled to end on October 7 at 11:59 PM ET. Proceeds from the NFT version of the Nissan GT-R are expected to be donated to charities.

What is NFT?

Bitcoin etc. Using blockchain technology like cryptocurrencies, NFT is known for its rarity and ownership as a digital certificate. Thanks to the NFT system, buyers can be reached directly through the artist auction, or commissions can be received on the re-exchange of the sold digital work.

In addition, thanks to NFT, artists can get a share of ongoing sales. In addition, it should be noted that as NFT, there are GIFs, songs and videos among digital assets.


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