Nissan’s Concept Car Revealed


Nissan’s new concept car for the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019 has emerged. IMk, which appeals to urban users, draws attention with its low fuel consumption. Nissan’s designers made a design that proves that a city car shouldn’t look like a standard rental car. Designed for urban use, IMk has a very stylish appearance.

Nissan’s V-Motion grille with a stylish LED headlights on the back and evolved into the vehicle, according to Nissan, according to the concept is quite different from other vehicles.

Nissan’s design leader SatoruTai, “Bumper, wheels, tires, windows, taillights, ceiling, Japanese decorations important symbol of the ‘mizuhiki’nin inspired by the patterns of the vehicle design,” he said. There will also be a shield shaped insert to replace the front grille in future models; at the same time, it will be one of the new signature parts of Nissan.

What features will the Nissan IMk have?

Tai’s team, who designed the vehicle, was inspired by the cafes and halls where they worked. Designers say sitting in the front seat feels like sitting on the clouds. The Nissan’s buttonless control panel ensures a more compact design. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with many new technologies. For example, the car recognizes its driver via its smartphone and automatically adjusts parameters such as seating position and climate control settings. Important information about the car and its surroundings can be followed from a frameless, transparent screen that opens from the cloth-covered instrument panel.

In addition, the vehicle’s autopilot system is provided with the highly developed Nissan ProPilot 2.0. The vehicle can take control of the driver on a single lane road when the conditions are met. It also has its own parking space. The technical specifications of the vehicle will be announced during the fair.

The details of the vehicle show how Nissan will produce vehicles in the coming years and how to turn to a design. Nissan is expected to introduce 14 more vehicles at the event in Tokyo.

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