Nissan Z Proto modern lines to the classic 240Z


Nissan officially introduced the new car Z Proto, which sports car lovers have been eagerly awaiting. Referencing the original 240Z, it offers a retro car on the outside and a modern car on the inside.

The Nissan Z Proto, which is the top model of Nissan’s popular sports car series Z, was officially introduced. The new Z Proto, which resembles the updated version of the classic 240Z model in terms of design with ‘modern’ design lines, has started to excite car lovers even though it is still in the prototype stage.

Since the vehicle is a prototype, there are no definite details about its technical features. However, we know that it will be powered by a biturbo V6 engine also found in some Infiniti cars, which produced 400 horsepower and 475 Nm of torque in Infiniti cars. The new Toyota Supra, the biggest follow-up of the Nissan Z Pro, had an engine that produced 388 horsepower.

The new Nissan Z Proto and Nissan 240Z

As you can see in the image above, the new Nissan Z Proto has a slim and long body like the 240Z, a forward-curved hood and a rectangular grille design. Nevertheless, the vehicle has very modern design details when examined as a whole.

The Z Proto, which has a retro atmosphere, albeit slightly on the outside, appears as a completely modern car inside. The vehicle has a digital 12.3-inch instrument panel just behind the three-spoke steering wheel, and mechanical instrument panels above the 9-inch infotainment screen. Although the prototype version of the vehicle was introduced with manual gear, it was stated that there will be an automatic gear option when it is offered for sale.

Nissan has not announced a release date or price for the new Z Proto, but the vehicle is expected to land on the tarmac before 2021 ends. As for the price of the vehicle, which will be in tight competition with the Toyota Supra, the estimates are that there will be a starting price of 40 thousand dollars.


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