Nissan shows how to reuse old LEAF batteries


What is the destination of electric car batteries when they are no longer useful to vehicles? This is a major challenge for automakers, who are already thinking about alternatives to reuse them, as is the case with Nissan. The Japanese brand showed, last Friday (12), how to reuse the component after it was removed from LEAF.

According to the company, old batteries removed from the first generation of the compact electrified model are being used in Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGVs), which perform different types of tasks at Nissan plants, helping to save time and increase productivity on the assembly line. .

Operating on magnetic tracks at the company’s facilities, these AGVs perform activities such as delivering parts to workers and transporting mail, among other tasks, allowing them to concentrate on installing components rather than moving around to pick up parts. The video below shows how the system works:

Also according to the manufacturer, the reuse of old Nissan LEAF batteries has been carried out since 2010. Initially, it used three of the 48 modules that formed the component, repackaged them and placed everything inside an AGV. But since last year, these robotic vehicles have been powered by reused battery modules, rather than new ones.

Army of AGVs

More than 4,000 AGVs are in use at Nissan factories around the world today, running on a system that includes 30-second automatic rapid loading and sensors capable of guiding machines correctly through the pre-defined route.

They also bring a wireless communication tool to prevent collisions and in the future they may even move autonomously and outside the factory’s magnetic track.

Thanks to the greater autonomy offered by the old electric car batteries, the automaker is developing new technologies that will give these robots more freedom of movement, making them even more useful for the car assembly line.


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