Nissan Leaf owner is shocked by battery price


Imagine that you are looking for an electric car to call your own and come across a used one at an attractive price. So, close the deal. As the months go by, the battery life gets less and less, and you start to worry. Time to change, right? But, at the time of the budget, the surprise: even if the vehicle cost R $ 71 thousand, the component would cost R $ 660 thousand. That’s what happened to Zoe Alford, in New Zealand, who now, according to 1 NEWS, suffers from episodes of anxiety for not trusting how far she can get with her Nissan Leaf.

If, at the beginning, she could use it for 115 km on a single charge, Zoe saw the number plummet to 70 or 80 km. The amount charged for the new part was provided by a local company representative; without believing it, the owner looked for a second hand, which did not help much: R $ 76.4 thousand (more expensive than the car).

According to the dealer, the price is a mistake. Which one? Well, he did not detail it, nor did he provide what the correct amount would be. In addition, he stressed that he offers extended warranty to new units, but that the benefit does not include Japanese imports or resold cars – transferring the responsibility of these cases exclusively to the consumer.

It was bad, it was good, but it seems that it got worse

Bill Alexander, of the Blue Cars dealership, Auckland, classified the situation as “unacceptable” and advised that, when buying electric vehicles, customers pay attention to the health of the battery and do not trust only what the panel shows, since the information it is essential for its lifespan.

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The professional points out that the way of using the car, as well as its extras, such as air conditioning, directly affects the displayed range, which is estimated, which can lead to error.

As for Zoe, she is counting on expert guidance to optimize the capacity of the component she owns and hoping that, at some point, some less shocking solution will be made available.


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