Nissan and Mitsubishi to launch electric mini for $ 18,000


Nissan and Mitsubishi jointly developed and are expected to present in 2022 an electric car that will cost around US $ 18.3 thousand (approximately R $ 100 thousand at the current price). The vehicle will be launched in Japan and will be based on the IMk, a model introduced in 2019 by Nissan.

According to the Nikkei Asia website, which released the information, the launch will receive tax incentives from the Japanese government and will take the form of the popular “Kei cars”. This is a specific category of small cars that is very successful in the Asian country because of the lack of space in large urban centers.

The classification was created in the late 1940s and, according to local regulations, the Kei cannot exceed 3.4 meters in length, 1.4 meters in width, 2 meters in height and power of 64 hp.

Precisely because of the compact profile, Japan offers tax incentives in the production and even in the parking of these vehicles. Mitsubishi was even the first brand to launch an electric Kei, in this case, the i-MiEV model.

Nikkei Asia also pointed out that the new mini from Nissan and Mitsubishi should have 200 km of battery life. In the Japanese country, the vehicle is expected to cost 2 million yen at launch, and could drop to 1 million yen in cities like Tokyo, where subsidies are higher.

Currently, about 40% of the Japanese market is dominated by Kei cars. The idea of ​​companies in the automotive sector is to offer a cheap model that accelerates the insertion of electric vehicles in the country, which is still relatively low compared to Europe and China.


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