Nira Juanco: “Being in FIFA 21 is like Formula 1


The journalist, currently at GOL, will be the first female voice of the EA Sports game. We interviewed her exclusively.

Nira Juanco, journalist and presenter in Gol, makes her debut in FIFA 21 as the first woman to contribute comments to the EA Sports saga, one of the most successful in Spain and Europe. Juanco, (1978, Las Palmas) thus gives another boost to a race that already saw it precisely at the foot of the field when the Sixth had the rights of the Spanish League, which was promoted as a reporter at the foot of the track in Formula 1 in Antena 3 and who is currently one of the visible faces of GOL as a presenter, at a time when she and other women have taken command of many of the sports programs of the moment.

How were you contacted to participate in the FIFA 21 commentary recording?

It was before the lockdown, in February or so. At first I thought it was a joke: Me for FIFA? She was very aware of what the game involved, who was participating, and she thought they were messing around. Then they told me about recording and looking for a day and I understood that things were serious, but everything about the pandemic happened and it was never known again. Until in May they returned to the charge.

Were you surprised?

The truth is that if. I am very clear that it is a privilege and an honor, only comparable to when I was a reporter in Formula 1, because they are unique things that people do that can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

You are part of a group of presenters who lead front-line sports programs where before it was common to see men, such as Guasch and Boronat in Movistar, and now you will be the first female voice in FIFA. Does this help to consolidate the female presence in a world like football?

It is a great step forward. A great stir has been generated for being the first female voice and many people were surprised … But it also happened with F1, I was the first girl at the national level to cover at the foot of the track instead of Antonio Lobato. There was a stir, because it was an eminently masculine space, but now nobody is surprised. Look at Movistar, as you say, Guasch is a mega crack who runs a program that everyone would dream of, and no one questions her. The more we normalize the role of women, in sports and now in sports video games, the better.

Did you know and play the FIFA saga before the offer?

I have known her for many years. I have two brothers who played often and a 14-year-old nephew who is with him all day. Also, dedicating myself to the world of sports journalism I am surrounded, and my husband plays and organizes games with friends constantly. I have played it, but I hardly have any free time, but when I can I get with it. In fact, my daughter Valeria is old enough to want to touch the controller, so I go into training mode and tests many times to teach her shooting, dribbling and what each button is for.


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