Nippon Ichi president talks about what’s new in Disgaea 6


These are all the steps that the team has taken so that the saga does not stagnate. The president of Nippon Ichi has spoken to Famitsu about the latest installment of the Disgaea saga, one of the most successful SRPGs of recent times, with a formula that tries to evolve within a very defined scheme, in a constant balance between maintaining the essence for a very specific fan and not always offer the same, while trying to attract new players – which is not easy for such a specific game. Therefore, Sohei Niikawa’s priority is to avoid getting stuck and fans losing interest in the saga.

The most obvious change is in the graphics engine, in which the classic sprites are replaced by a 3D engine with Cel-Shading, as almost all the studies currently carrying out JRPG, with some exceptions. On the one hand, it is still a small tragedy for Sprite lovers, since Disgaea was one of the few who held that flag, but it cannot be denied either that the saga sinned a bit of reusing characters and creatures and that they used the 3D will give you more flexibility to create eye-catching combat animations.

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