Nioh’s collection on PS5 shows its improved loading times


Team Ninja shows the improvements to load times that The Nioh Collection will receive on PS5 on February 5. This is how it performs on the SSD drive.

Team Ninja recently confirmed The Nioh Collection, a bundle that includes both installments in the series along with all of their downloadable content for PS5 (and PC). Both titles will see their performance improved thanks to the new generation hardware. Although there are still 3 months left for its launch, the company publishes several examples of what we can expect on February 5.

Through the official Japanese account of the game, we are spectators of the first novelties of The Nioh Collection on PS5. The first tweet focuses on death. Like good Soulslike, you will die time after time, and thanks to the PlayStation’s fifth-generation SSD drive, load times when reviving are drastically reduced. Barely less than 4 seconds pass from the loading screen. You quickly get back into action.

On the other hand, the second tweet shows the speed of the game when loading a new level. For those who do not know its structure, Nioh displays a world map full of closed levels, among which we can find secondary missions, Nightfall missions and other phases that modify the main level. The video speaks for itself: it only takes 5 seconds between you press the mission entry and the character begins to move. Almost nothing.


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