Nioh Remaster PS5 has detailed graphics enhancements


Nioh has already won a PS4 sequel called Nioh 2, but a remaster of both will arrive on PS5 with many improvements in February. However today we already have some details of what to expect to see on PS5 with improved graphics and more, in addition to support for the new DualSense thanks to a Japanese source who has already tested the Team Ninja game.

GameSpark was responsible for revealing first impressions about Nioh’s remaster. According to him, the game loads very fast, an example of this is when the player’s character is killed in a fight, it only takes 3 seconds for the game to be ready again for action.

Other details include a performance mode that makes the game run in 1080p at 120FPS or 4K mode, which allows you to play at 2160p at 60FPS. In addition, another mode will have more improvements in shadows, reflections and more details in the characters, which is the standard for PS5, but running at 60FPS in 1080p.

Already when Nioh 2, it is said that the remaster will bring textures with a higher resolution, ensuring more graphic realism most of the time.

Speaking of compatibility with DualSense, both will have support for adaptive triggers, which will react differently for each type of weapon used in the game and also for certain combat techniques.


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