Nioh Collection has super fast loading on PS5


Nioh Collection will bring the two games of the franchise to the PS5 and the surprises in the new generation go far beyond the 4K and 120 FPS previously promised: Team Ninja games should also take full advantage of the SSD of the new console, enjoying extremely high loadings fast.

A video released on the game’s official Twitter shows that the enhanced loading on the SSD takes mere seconds to process and puts you back in action in the blink of an eye. Check out:

In addition to the fast loading and other features that the PS5 should offer in performance, the PlayStation Store also released fresh screenshots of the Nioh Collection running on the new generation.

Those who own Nioh 2 on PS4 will receive a free update for the new generation, and the same applies to any of the DLCs you also own. However, Nioh Remastered will not have the free update and will need to be purchased separately – or by purchasing the collection.

It is also worth remembering that The First Samurai package has a release date, and will be available from December 17th.

Nioh Collection arrives on February 5th on PS5, console that is being officially launched today (19) in Brazil, with the reduction of values ​​already applied. It is worth mentioning that the full version of Nioh 2 will also arrive for PS4 and PC (Steam) on February 5th.


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