Nioh Collection, an opportunity to meet on PS5


If you are not yet a fan of the masochistic recipe that has changed the way we view video games (and FromSoftware deserves it for that), Nioh Collection can be a good opportunity for redemption.

The collection brings together the two titles in the franchise with all the expansions and additional modes that aim to improve the look and performance of the journey on PS5. So, if you’re not yet a member of Koei Tecmo’s “fan club”, known for the age-old Dynasty Warriors series, the compilation can be a generous gateway.

Here at Voxel you can check the analysis of the first Nioh and its sequence. In this regard, I will speak specifically of the additions that the remasterings brought to the new Sony console, such as faster transition screens, 120fps mode and more. There is no rule for choosing your favorite mode, but there is a consensus that must be taken into account: each choice is a waiver. Let’s go to the details.

Check out the video analysis below:

Clarifying the three technical settings

Basically, each game has three technical settings: the 4K mode, the 120fps alternative and the “default option for the PlayStation 5 console” – yes, that is the name of one of the modes. Even more tricky is the description: it does not elucidate exactly what kind of benefit it brings in relation, for example, to 4K mode.

Distinguishing each of these specifications, what we have is the following: the 4K mode optimizes the resolution, aiming to stabilize it in the 2160p, without oscillations, making the background renderings clearer, noticeable when zooming the image – after all, the pixel count is higher. It is a natural effect of increased resolution.


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