Nioh 2 presents the launch trailer for its first DLC


Yashima’s lands need peace, but this can only be achieved if the protagonist finds and uses a mysterious whistle. In the Yashima region, at the end of the Heian period (12th century), things are not going well.

The war has managed to decimate the population and the monsters roam freely, so the leading warrior must be in charge of saving humanity from destruction. The story did not end with Nioh 2, but will span multiple DLCs. The first of them is called The Disciple of Tengu and it is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. Team Ninja and Sony Interactive Entertainment have uploaded the launch trailer, which you can see on these lines.

The content, which can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for 9.99 euros, will invite us to enter this desolate territory. There, the protagonist will find a sanctuary, whose walls keep a whistle known as Shohayamaru. Only by using this item can you restore peace in the land of Yashima, but achieving the objective will not be easy. “After each war, the heroes reappear to restore peace again.” Nor was it easy for Team Ninja to reach a million copies sold, but it is already a reality.

More DLCs on the way

Team Ninja plans to release a total of three new DLCs, with the idea of ​​providing users with new challenges, stories, yokai, and abilities. When will the second downloadable content be ready? According to the press release sent by Sony, the next content is planned for mid-autumn 2020. It is time to trust that the global situation of coronavirus will not change the roadmap.

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Nioh 2 is an exclusive game from PlayStation 4. At MeriStation we publish a Top with the best titles that collect in one way or another the philosophy of Dark Souls, the work of From Software. The production of Team Ninja managed to enter among the best video games of this style.


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