Nioh 2 confirms the date of its second expansion


After releasing Disciple of Tengu, Team Ninja is back with another paid DLC, available in October. Nioh 2’s story continues to unfold beyond its main game.

As part of their roadmap laid out from launch, Team Ninja is about to release the second expansion for the video game, Darkness in the Capital. Koei Tecmo has confirmed that the DLC will go on sale next October 15, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Those who have the season pass will be able to access the content directly, although it will also be edited independently (for 9.99 euros ), as with the first expansion, Tengu’s Disciple.

In addition to the new story, players will have to face completely new Yokai, new final bosses, and Spirit Guardians. As if that were not enough, they will have to face a deadly weapon. The new abilities, ninjutsu and Omnyo magic, as well as the weapon cores and the new armor set will be present in Darkness in the Capital. There are still many details to be revealed, but the company summons us to the next few weeks to discover everything that this new downloadable content hides.

What happens in the first DLC?

In Nioh 2: Tengu’s Disciple, the protagonist stumbles upon a shrine, which hides a legendary whistle known as Shohayamaru. It is said, it is said, that using it is the only effective method to restore peace in Yashima, but temples with important objects demand severe tests from anyone who wants to obtain their treasures. After a bloody war, the heroes resurface to ensure peace. Will they get it? It all depends on the players.

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Nioh 2 is the sequel to a new intellectual property that was released in the present generation of consoles. The production, which follows the guidelines of sagas like Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden, is a challenging video game. The studio is also developing an adaptation of the Ninja Gaiden trilogy for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, according to a Hong Kong store.


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