Nintendo Wins Anti-Piracy Lawsuit and is Awarded $2.1 Million


Nintendo has been fighting piracy for some time, even taking some cases to court. In a recent update, it was mentioned that the company won a lawsuit in Uncle Sam’s Land against the RomUniverse website and received a $2.1 million settlement. The initial idea of ​​Mario’s house, however, was to have a total of $15 million in damages in his hands.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the first time Nintendo has won similar lawsuits, given that this has happened before in both the US and the UK – on one of these occasions, damages reached $12.2 million.

understanding the case

The case between Nintendo and RomUniverse began in September 2019. The site in question was operated by a California resident identified as Matthew Storman. During the process, the defendant claimed that he was not responsible for uploading the games (and, according to Big N, there were new and old games), but that the page charged a $30 annual subscription so that members could download games before those who did not have this pay access.


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