Nintendo Wii transforms into nostalgic Game Boy Color


The Nintendo Wii has become a classic in video games, and like every classic, it receives homage.

The most recent is that of the GingerOfMods modder, which goes against the Wii adaptations that usually use smartphones or the Raspberry Pi with an emulator, in fact took advantage of the circuit board of the original console when conceiving its project.

And so was born the WiiBoy Color, which tries to simulate the classic Nintendo handheld, but with Wii games.

The modder’s job was not easy. The case itself that envelops the product was molded in 3D software and later printed to accommodate the three main boards of the console. The project also needed to take into account the numerous additional buttons on the Wii in relation to the Game Boy Color, and thanks to this the case gained ergonomic triggers on the rear and several buttons on the front panel.

In addition, the case was also designed taking into account more space for batteries. After all, the energy cost of this feat is great.

Finally, there was also a software job to bridge the buttons used, of a GameCube controller, with the Wii circuits. The software was also responsible for transforming specificities of the console games into button actions, such as blowing and physical movements.

To load the games it is necessary to use a PC, since having a portable footprint it would be impossible to insert a disc player in the altered console.

Did you like it? Unfortunately you cannot buy this product, which is a personal modder project. But you can follow your channel to see other exploits.

Remember, the Nintendo Switch currently unites the best of both worlds offering handheld and table games through its dock. Next year we may see an improved version of it on the market.


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