Nintendo wants to improve the appeal of Nintendo Switch Online


Nintendo: The company seeks to encourage gamers to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online. So far the incentives are NES and SNES games. Nintendo is working on making Nintendo Switch Online a more attractive service for gamers. Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, explained during the annual meeting with investors held last week his plans to make this subscription model a “more fun” and comfortable bet for the use of the console.

Three years since Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online began to be available last September 2018, so we are approaching its third anniversary. “Members can play with their friends online, like titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Plus, they can play some of the games that were released for the NES and SNES, ”recalls Furukawa. This method is also a way of safeguarding the progress in the cloud of a large majority of video games in the catalog. In addition, it allows access to temporary games, such as Super Mario Bros. 35.

From Nintendo, they consider that they need not only to increase the number of subscribed members -26 million subscribers until September 2020-, but to maintain the loyalty of these members. This requires new incentives.

“For Nintendo Switch Online, it is important not only to increase the number of new members, but also to encourage existing members to continue using the service, so we are working on increasing the appeal of the service to make it even more fun and comfortable to play. with Nintendo Switch. “