Nintendo: the Switch Edition Mario is already worth less!


It will remain one of the flagship products of containment and of 2020 … The Nintendo Switch will still do a lot of talk for 2021!

Nintendo has had a great 2020, but don’t plan on stopping there! While his Switch has exploded in sales, and invaded homes during lockdown, the Mario edition is likely to send a heavy load.

Remember, almost a year ago. The government announces the confinement … But Animal Crossing is coming out on Switch. Rush on consoles, rush on the game: the lock down becomes the opportunity to go and build your island.

The game has since broken records. Over the last year, Nintendo succeeded in placing it as the best-selling cultural asset! 2020 will therefore remain the year of the Japanese company. But she doesn’t intend to stop there.

While the Animal Crossing Edition Switch has taken its toll, the company decides to sell a Mario edition. Thus, fans of the mustached plumber will be entitled to a console in his honor. So that’s the strength of the builder!

Because to each console, Nintendo adds a personalized console. While a lot of fans complain about the design of the PS5, and Sony refuses to let brands personalize the console, the Switch takes the opposite view.

A good idea which causes a very strong enthusiasm among the fans. In Japan, the Switch achieves incredible sales records. The number of consoles sold exceeds 17 million on the archipelago.


17 million consoles sold is also the goal of Sony and its PS5. But in the year 2021, and around the world! These pharaonic sales in the land of the rising sun therefore show how much the Switch has marked minds in Asia.

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Far from wanting to stop on this great momentum, Nintendo continues with a birthday: that of Mario Bros. It’s been 35 years since the first opus of the game has delighted fans … We must therefore celebrate these 35 years with a matching console!

A red and blue Switch is therefore appearing. But not a lite, like Animal Crossing! With this one, fans will be able to play on TV, throughout the house, in transport, and even with others.

Even more, Amazon offers the console below the market price! While it hasn’t dropped below 345 euros since its release, the portable console has seen its price drop with the Mario edition.

The reseller offers a 7% discount on the Nintendo. Not much, you might say … Except that it still goes down from almost 30 euros to reach 319.99 euros! Far from the stock-outs and inflation of the start of containment!

The Japanese firm therefore managed to hit hard from the start of 2021. With a new Switch that will please Mario fans … and also wallets. What to imagine new records?


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