Nintendo Switch with Android 10 runs emulators


Yes, it is possible to run Cyberpunk 2077 on a Nintendo Switch screen as long as it has Android 10 installed. That’s because Steam, through Steam Link, allows you to run games from your PC on screens with the application. It was thinking about this and other possibilities that the journalist and programmer Adam Conway, from the XDA Developers website, decided to combine the video game with Google’s mobile system.

In the article, Conway says that today it is much easier to install Android on the Nintendo Switch. To this end, he comments that he used the Hekate interface, which facilitates preparation and allows the user to choose between running the video game normally or starting the mobile device system.

Although the feat is being facilitated, it is worth mentioning that Nintendo does not approve of the practice. In addition, not every Switch owner will be able to install, some devices are not hacked, something that can be checked through the device’s serial number on this website.

Anyway, this means of installation makes the console manufacturer’s suspicions difficult, because the system is on the microSD card. So far it has been commented that the company has no way of discovering and banning those who do this.

For those who wonder what are the advantages of using a Nintendo Switch with Android 10, Conway explains that you can use most of the PlayStore apps and that you can also browse using the buttons on the laptop. But the big advantage is playing, despite having a big one in this regard.

As the handheld console is not so new (it was launched in 2017), it is difficult to run the most current games and there are other hardware limitations that make its use difficult. To help you get an idea of ​​the performance of the spec set, Qualcomm’s most powerful mobile processor currently achieves a 3500 score on the Geekbench 5 performance test. In the same test, the Switch marks 823. This shows that anyone who wants to run games one little heavier ones will suffer from performance and often play with graphics at a minimum.

Still, this ends up being a good option for those who enjoy older video game emulators and that run smoothly on simpler devices.


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