Nintendo Switch Sports Postpones Golf Update


The long-awaited golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports has unfortunately been postponed. Golf has always been a popular Nintendo sports game destination, starting with the 1984 Golf game with a suspiciously Mario-like golfer. Wii Sports took Nintendo’s love of golf to a new level with motion-controlled gameplay in 2006. However, the Nintendo Switch Sports game on the Nintendo Switch appeared without golf. And now it seems that Nintendo Switch Sports players will have to wait longer than expected to get it.

Golf was announced for Nintendo Switch Sports along with the game during the mini-Nintendo Direct in February 2022. At the time, it was planned to launch Nintendo Switch Sports at the end of April with six games, and provide a free golf upgrade this fall. However, this plan seems to have failed, and Nintendo has not provided any explanation. However, the update is still coming out, and the latest Nintendo Switch Sports trailer has revealed more of what players can expect from the golf update.

The golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports is coming this holiday season, which probably implies a launch in November or December. A specific release date for the Nintendo Switch Sports golf update is not available, but the wording surrounding the announcement pretty much implies that the date hasn’t moved up until 2023. The update, as promised, remains completely free.

It has now been confirmed that golf at Nintendo Switch Sports will feature 21 holes taken from the Wii Sports series, which includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a remake of Wii Sports Club. The Nintendo Switch Sports golf mode will also include a single player game, a local multiplayer mode, and a unique online multiplayer mode called Survival Golf. Survival Golf allows up to 8 players to play together online, where the player with the most strokes on each hole will be eliminated.

No further information has been provided about the golf update, so it’s unclear if more content is planned for Nintendo Switch Sports or not. For example, it’s unclear if there are only 21 holes or only 21 Wii Sports holes. It’s also unclear whether golf will support both playing with friends and a casual online match like other Nintendo Switch Sports game modes.

Despite the lack of specific details about the Nintendo Switch Sports update, those who have purchased the game are likely to be looking forward to the free update. Nintendo’s golf games have always been well received, and multiplayer with new game modes is an exciting step forward. You just need to be a little patient while Nintendo puts the finishing touches on the update.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available on Switch.


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