Nintendo Switch Sports Brings Matt Back for Offline Mode


The original Wii Sports was a phenomenon. She single-handedly sold millions of Wii consoles and became a popular fashion, becoming one of the best-selling video game releases of all time. Many gamers have fond memories of Wii Sports, and that’s why the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, the last part of the series, caused a decent stir.

Reviews of Nintendo Switch Sports have been mixed, some are not thrilled with the game’s offerings. But even so, there were some aspects of Nintendo Switch Sports that were praised, such as the way it pays homage to the Wii Sports games that preceded it. One of the main hints of Wii Sports that can be found in Nintendo Switch Sports is the inclusion of Mii characters that were widely used in classic games.

Nintendo Switch Sports brought back Miis, but it didn’t have one of the most popular Miis for offline play: Matt. Many Wii Sports players considered Matt one of the most talented Miis in the game, and in the following years his reputation turned into a meme. Now Nintendo has brought Matt back into the fight in Nintendo Switch Sports to play offline, although players need to enter a special code if they hope to fight him.

Nintendo Switch Sports: How to Play against Matt

Any Nintendo Switch Sports players interested in competing with Matt will have to enter ZR + R+A or ZL + L + Right on the difficulty selection screen. This will replace their opponent with Matt, who is listed in the game as a “legend”. Obviously, Nintendo is well aware of Matt’s popularity as a meme. Wii Sports fans can enjoy Matt’s return to Nintendo Switch Sports, and it will be interesting to see if it will cause more buzz for the game.

Despite the fact that there was a decent hype around Nintendo Switch Sports before the release of the game, the excitement around the game seems to have subsided. Nintendo Switch Sports has had high sales from the start, but it remains to be seen if the game’s durability can match Wii Sports.

Adding Matt to the mix should get people talking about Nintendo Switch Sports again and may well bring former players back into their ranks. And when Nintendo Switch Sports adds golf later this year, fans should have even more reasons to get back into the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports is already available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


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