Nintendo Switch is in shortage due to COVID-19


If you’ve been trying to buy a Nintendo Switch in the past few days, you may have noticed that it is almost impossible to order one through the usual channels. The popularity of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” combined with delays in shipping and manufacturing due to the COVID-19 pandemic has depleted supplies.

With this, the prices are increased in a small number of units that are available for sale in all these sectors of the continent that are in quarantine.

This event was inevitable, but it is definitely a disappointment to anyone who is looking to escape their little island paradise right now.

Chances are, the Nintendo Switch shortage won’t last long, but we may not see the console return to Amazon for a while given its temporary move to focus on essentials.

That said, we should be alert to the replenishment of big N consoles in department stores in the coming days.

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