Nintendo Switch reaches 61.44 million consoles sold


The Japanese company has revealed that hardware sales have experienced strong year-on-year growth. If as of March 31, 2020, when the 2020 fiscal year came to an end, Nintendo reported that cumulative sales of Switch had already reached 55.77 million units, that figure has been increased.

By about 5 million since then. Thus, it can be seen in the financial report that those from Kyoto have prepared during the presentation of their economic results corresponding to the first quarter of fiscal year 2021, which ended on June 30. Thus, Nintendo Switch has already sold 61.44 million machines in total (software sales, at this link).

This represents a year-on-year growth of 166.6%, since 2.13 million Nintendo Switch were sold during the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. Instead, in this period 5.68 million consoles have been placed in the homes of the players. It should be noted that a breakdown has been made between the two models currently on the market. While Nintendo Switch has sold 3.05 million units, Nintendo Switch Lite stands at 2.62 million.

What happens to the coronavirus and the possible lack of stock?

Despite the delicate situation caused by the coronovirus, which has affected the distribution and manufacturing chains, Nintendo confirms that the situation is almost resolved. “However, if the impact of COVID-19 is expanded in the future, it could affect production,” they acknowledge in the document. As far as Nintendo Switch is concerned, the Japanese point out that the time lapse between production and distribution, coupled with high demand, causes some regions to be out of stock. “We are working hard to get these products to consumers as quickly as possible.”

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Anyway, the plans remain unchanged, so they continue to contemplate distributing about 19 million consoles until the end of the fiscal year, on March 30, 2021.


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