Nintendo Switch Pro should come with Nvidia GPU


Another rumor about the next generation of Nintendo Switch has just surfaced. According to the new speculation, the supposed Pro version of the Nintendo console should arrive with a new generation graphics chip from Nvidia, based on the future Lovelace architecture.

The speculation came after a Twitter profile called “Kopite7kimi”, which is famous for making leaks from Nvidia, commenting on a news about the supposed Switch Pro with only the term “ada”. The publication makes reference to English mathematics Ada Lovelace, who is the inspiration of the video card maker for the name of its next series of products.

The Lovelace GPU architecture has not yet been revealed by Nvidia, but is expected to replace Ampere technology, used in RTX 30 graphics cards. According to speculation, the company’s next generation of chips will be even more powerful with Ray Tracing and Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS).

Switch with DLSS

According to speculation from Bloomberg, the Nintendo Switch Pro will have a graphics processor with DLSS support. The technology uses artificial intelligence to improve the image quality of games and also to perform resolution upscaling.

Currently, the technology is quite popular on the PC when it is used to guarantee more frames per second in competitive games or to improve the quality of games with Ray Tracing, which is quite heavy to process. To bring more performance to the PC, the video card runs the game in Full HD, for example, but the algorithm uses deep learning to display the final result in higher resolutions, such as QuadHD and 4K.

The novelty can be quite positive for the Switch, especially with the console being used in television mode. Although Nintendo has not confirmed the existence of the Pro version of the console, the current models of the line use an Nvidia Tegra X1 chip, which already shows a relationship between the companies.

According to rumors, the Nintendo Switch Pro will feature a GPU capable of using DLSS and also a faster processor. The speculation still points that the console will have more battery, a bigger screen made in OLED and support for display of images in 4K.

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo may launch the new console at the end of the year, aiming to take advantage of sales of festive and commercial dates, including Black Friday and Christmas.


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