Nintendo Switch Pro Should Be Revealed Before E3 2021


Nintendo Switch Pro: The next version of the Nintendo Switch really exists and will be revealed to the public before E3 2021, at any time! At least that is what the Bloomberg website reported today (27) first hand in a scoop, information endorsed by sources on the Eurogamer website.

As Big N will be present at E3 2021, the idea seems to be to give partner developers more freedom to advertise games with support for new hardware, in addition to ensuring more space for games during the next Nintendo Direct presentation.

According to Bloomberg, the plan is that the launch of the new platform will take place between September and October 2021, and that the old hardware will gradually lose more space for it. The Lite version, on the other hand, should continue to be sold normally.

Insider Emily Rogers, one of Nintendo’s most trusted sources of leaks, also signs under Bloomberg’s information, and seems to believe that a revelation could happen today or in the next few days.

The official name of the new console has not yet been revealed, but fans still casually refer to it as New Nintendo Switch, Pro or 2. It seems just a matter of (very little) time before we discover Big N’s true plans!

What would you most like to see on the new console? Comment below!


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