Nintendo Switch Pro may have OLED screen, 4K


New rumors about the supposed Nintendo Switch Pro have just emerged and reaffirm that the new Big N console may have 4K Ultra HD, more battery and built-in OLED screen.

The details were published in a thread on ResetEra by SciresM, a well-known dataminer who claims to have accessed information hidden within Nintendo’s latest firmware.

SciresM says there are references to new hardware codenamed “Aura”, considered the Switch Pro (or Switch 2). He also talks about the potential of the new console, which he believes to run in 4K “due to the signals he saw in the firmware”, adding that the information is not 100% confirmed – however, Nintendo previously suggested to be prepared to receive games in this resolution.

The resolution of the notebook is likely to be the same, with 4K support coming from a “Chip Realtek 4K” inside a new dock, allowing the console to play in 4K in TV mode.

In addition, the dataminer also mentions “substantially” better cooling and much longer battery life – quite plausible considering the OLED screen (which consumes less battery).

Several renowned industry analysts also recently told that Nintendo may launch the Switch Pro later this year, further reinforcing the rumors described above.

It is worth mentioning that the information covered in this news is merely speculation and nothing has been officially confirmed by Nintendo until then.

Will Big N finally get into the next generation of consoles? Comment below what you thought of the specifications of the supposed Switch Pro!


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